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About usHigh-end specialty food ingredients solution provider

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High standards are set for our facility and production conditions. Our production facilities in Henan are GMP standard.

Commitment to Quality

Outstanding quality is of capital importance. We are committed to the highest standards of food safety. We make a commitment to respond to the requirements and expectation of our customers. The guaranteed quality and food safety of our products put us in a leading position in the industry. Beginning at the product development stage, great emphasis is put on health and food safety aspects.

Quality at Every Step

We have obtained certification of ISO 22000, Kosher and Halal, and have complete control over the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products.
Quality Assurance Program in factory is established to supervise manufacturing operation and inspect finished products. We strictly select the raw materials from suppliers, absolutely make sure our products continue to be healthy and food safe.
For each process, we develop our own unique product formulas. Select premium and high-quality raw materials through detailed sourcing and food safety analysis, and conduct comprehensive audits of our procedures. When packaging the products, we make sure each package is of the finest and most wholesome quality. In shipping, we consider highly during its delivery until the goods arrived in the destination of customers.


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